Diane Huth Bio and Credentials
I’m Diane Huth. I’m a Branding and Marketing expert.
I'm the author of 2 Amazon best-selling career guides.
I’m known as Your Dream Job Coach.
And I want to help you find and land your dream job!

I’ve worked in brand marketing for what seems like forever – more than 30 years! My career spanned more than 20 years in top-level marketing slots at a wide range of household-name companies including Johnson & Johnson, Frito-Lay/Sabritas, Carnation Nestlé, CBS and Mission Foods.

I’ve spent more than 10 years with entrepreneurial and start up firms. I am currently Chief Marketing Officer of Biovideo, and in my spare time, I teach Marketing Management, Branding and International Marketing at 2 different universities in Texas.
Throughout my career, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed hundreds of job candidates, and hired dozens of employees. I’ve trained and mentored more than 30 interns – and am still in touch with many of them today.

I wrote my new book – BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job – to teach my students – and job seekers of all ages – all the secrets to job hunting success. It’s got 33 chapters chock full of tips and techniques, valuable insights, behind-the-scenes know-how, and scripts to use to find the right job, get the interview, and wow the recruiters and hiring managers to land their new jobs.

Based upon feedback and demand from dozens of mature professionals struggling with the reality of today's job market, I wrote my newest book REINVENT YOUR CAREER - Beat Age Discrimination To Land Your Dream Job. 

It addresses what seems like the impossible task that baby boomers face when they try to get a new job in corporate America - overcoming age discrimination to cash in on their decades of experience and unlock their untapped income potential. 

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