What is the Value of Getting Your New Job 1 Month Faster?
Or 2 Months Faster? Or 3?
With record unemployment across the US, this is the best time in the past 50 years to get a new job! Half a century!  Yet you may not be getting the response to your online job submissions that you expect.   Or you don't get that offer after all those interviews!

The job search market has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and you need to know new skills and insights to master the new digital search process.

Finding and landing your new dream job in this red hot economy should be your number one priority.
But it doesn't happen without a lot of work throughout the process. And it's generally a long and often painful process.

According to several research studies, it takes an average of 5 months to find a new job. And the older you are, and the higher the compensation level, the longer it takes. As a rule of thumb, you can estimate one month per $10,000 of expected compensation for a traditional job search.

But you can reduce that time dramatically - by as much as one half - if you work with a skilled team of coaches who will guide you step-by-step through the process..
So ask yourself - What would it be worth to you to get your new job in just half the time?
I offer a range of coaching packages to help you meet whatever your most urgent need is right now.
They build on each other.
1. You should start with making sure your resume is perfect.
2. Then fine tune your LinkedIn page to be consistent with your resume, and be easily found by recruiters.
3. Then plan and rehearse interviews with different types of interview coaches to make sure your interviews are smooth, persuasive and effective.
Check out my coaching options below. Then let's chat to see how I can best help you meet YOUR goals.
1 - Resume Coaching
All coaching starts with a deep dive into defining your career goals - which is the hardest part of the job. Most people don't have a clearly-defined vision of what they want, and as a result, they can't express it confidently and concisely on paper or in an interview.
We will review your resume in this process, clarifying how to strengthen it by adding a 2-part career objective, a summary of credentials, and quantifying achievements with a $, # or %. It's harder than you think...and much more persuasive.  
I will give you a copy of my ebook BRAND YOU Create Your Powerful Resume, and admission to my Above The Fold Resume Course - a $47 value. You can choose to revise your resume yourself using one of the more than 70 impactful templates I provide, and then we can review your updated resume on our second video conference.

If you still want more help, for just $300 more, I will rewrite your resume for you, which we can review and fine tune and 2 additional video consultations - and I'll help you to optimize your LinkedIn page as well. You'll end up with a powerful Above The Fold Resume that will sell you in 7 seconds - or less!
Package Includes
  • 2- in-depth video calls to fine-tune your career goals, and position your resume appropriately
  •  Detailed critique of your resume content and layout, suggestions for improvement
  •  Followup call to review updated resume and discuss next steps
  •  Access to the Above the Fold Resume course
  •  Your choice of resume template
  •  BRAND YOU! Create Your Powerful Resume ebook
  • Optional - I'll write your resume for you
Career Coaching & Resume Review  $100 
Career Coaching with Resume Writing & LinkedIn Coaching - $595
Online Above The Fold Course only - $47 
2 - LinkedIn Coaching
Your LinkedIn page is your second most important career search tool, and will be accessed by 94% of recruiters before they will consider you for a job interview.

LinkedIn has more than 20 powerful tools to help you in your career, and I will guide you through them in my 22-minute video, and your free copy of BRAND YOU! Master LinkedIn ebook.

We'll review your LinkedIn page together, searching for ways to strengthen it. I'll give you insights into how to copy your new Above The Fold resume into your profile, so both documents match. 

We'll create a powerful headline and summary, and customize your LinkedIn name to match your professional name so you can be found easily. We'll discuss ways to obtain endorsements and recommendations - which are powerful elements of social proof that recruiters look for.. And we'll discuss ways to add multimedia files to your profile, and to contribute articles better engage your contacts - and recruiters.
LinkedIn is the single most important social media resource for job seekers - make sure it sizzles!
Package Includes
  • 2 in-depth calls to fine tune your LinkedIn page and recommend improivements
  •  First call to review areas of weakness and opportunity, and discuss action steps to improve your LinkedIn profile
  •  Determine your strategy for engaging in groups andf through posting multimedia content
  •  We'll ensure your branding is consistent across platforms
  •  Second call to review progress and fine tune content
  • BRAND YOU! Master LinkedIn ebook
  •  22-minute LinkedIn training video
3 - Interview Coaching
Getting the interview is just the first step in the journey. Acing the interview is key - and you can benefit from face-to-face interview coaching by myself and a hand-selected team, to best simulate the different types of interviews you will experience in your job search.
You will be interviewed by 3 different coaches on Zoom video, to hone your face-to-face and video interview skills, since the majority of successful higher level job searches include at least one video interview.

Your interviewers will include Diane Huth, an HR recruiter, and an industry insider who knows your field, and can discuss technical issues.

Each 1-hour interview session will include a half hour recorded interview, followed by a discussion with the interviewer coaching you on suggested improvements. You keep the video for reference.
You will also have access to my step-by-step Ace The Interview online course - a $47 value. And you'll learn how to dress for success, conduct pre-interview research, learn how to answer tough questions, and ask smart questions of your own that will impress your interviewers.
Package Includes
  • 1 preliminary video call to discuss goals, target employers, and hone communication strategies
  •  On-screen coaching to refine optimal video interview set up - lighting, background, camera angle, props, setting, and more
  •  3 half-hour video-recorded interviews, with critique and coaching.  You keep the videos to review and gauge improvement over time
  •  Exposure to 3 different coaches in 3 fields for real-life simulation of what a job search may entail
  • Access to Ace The Interview online course
  • BRAND YOU! Master LinkedIn ebook
4 - Complete Job Readiness Package
Most job seekers need it all:
 -- Coaching to gain clarity on career goals and strategies
 -- A contemporary updated resume which is structured to pass the ATS Resume Reading Robots, and a 7-second recruiter initial scan
 -- And basic interview coaching, with training on video interviews, and a recorded mock interview to see how you present yourself in person and on camera - this is the scary one!

The complete Job Readiness package gives you all of this for one flat price of just $695, and can all be completed in just one week!

Package Includes
  • 1 phone call to discuss goals, target employers, and hone communication strategies
  •  Resume writing/rewriting using the Above The Fold Resume format
  •  FREE access to the Above The Fold Resume Online Course
  •  BRAND YOU! Create Your Powerful Resume Ebook
  •  LinkedIn Review and Coaching to Optimize Your Profile
  •  Access to 22-minute Master Your LinkedIn page video
  •  BRAND YOU! Master LinkedIn ebook
  •  Interview Coaching, with focus on preparing for video interviews
  •  Simulated half-hour video interview with Coach Diane Huth
All coaching consultations will be done using Zoom videocalling platform, allowing screensharing, document reviews,  and call recording, for future reference.  It will give you the confidence to ace those 1-on-1 or group interviews that will result from powerful coaching to rapidly accelerate your job search and success.
In addition to my own active work with you, I've assembled a great team of experienced coaches in many different career fields and industries who will work with you as needed to make sure you re ready for whatever type of interview you encounter.
Let's get started to find and land you that dream job - FAST!
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