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Controversial Topics:​
  •  How can you bypass the HR department completely?
  • Learn ​the secret source of HALF of all jobs that aren't listed on the job boards
  • What are employers allowed and required to say about you during a reference check?
  •  What is the secret to beating the reesume reading robots so your resume gets seen by a real human being?
  •  Is it legal or recemmnonded to "ghostwrite" key words in white on your resume?
Controversial Topics
  • Why can't Baby Boomers get jobs today?
  • If age discrimination illegal - why is it still happening?
  • Did you know that the federal government is the worst offender - they have exempted themselves!
  •  How can I move from "overqualified" to "in demand"?
  •  Is your company inadvertently guilty of age discrimination?  5 things to look for
  •  Learn how Facebook and Google are actively helping employers discriminate based on age
Controversial Topics​
  •  Whu do only 20% of new grads have jobs at graduation?
  • Is a college degree worth it?
  • Colleges aren’t giving employers what they want
  •  The crushing burden of college debt
  •  Are unpaid internships legal?
  •  How can I prepare for a career in the future when technology is changing so fast?
  •  Half of all Uber drivers have college degrees!  What does that tell you about the value of a college education?
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