Are you frustrated and confused about how to get a job in today's digital world?
Discouraged by job boards where you send your resume with no response?
Fed up with unfair job discrimination preventing you from getting the job you deserve?
I can help.
I'm Diane Huth, The Accidental Career Coach.
I look forward to helping YOU land your DREAM JOB.

Do YOU know how to navigate the brave new world of the online job search, driven by digital technology using rebots, algorithms, and key word searches?

The job search market has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, driven by technologiical transformations that have shifted the process online, and transformed it from local to global.  

To manage the gexponential influx of hundreds of candidates applying for any given job online, recruiters have automated the process using the ATS Applicant Tracking System, or what I call a Resume Reading Robot, which rejects 75% of all online applications - before a human being sets eyes on them.

Then a recruiter spends just 7 seconds quickly scanning and rejecting another 10 - 15%  of online applications to get down to a manageable number which can then be reviewed and evaluated for their merits by a recruiter.

Unless you know how to navigate this brave new world of digital recruiting, you don't stand a chance of your resume being found and reviewed - which is the first step in landing a job interview.

It's both an art and a science, and one that has to be studied and learned.  I am your guide in your journey to navigate the job market to find and land your dream job - at any age or career stage.

I've brought you many resources to help you become successful in your career search. Keep reading to access powerful resources, information, tips, techniques and more.

Learn the secrets to personal branding for career success
you are a brand
The best way to find and land your dream job is to create a strong personal brand that will make you stand head and shoulders above the competition.  Think of yourself like a brand or product, and use the marketing techniques that marketers employ to showcase and promote their leading brands to reach your true potential.

Building your brand is a process, and I will walk you step-by-step through that process to achieve your personal and professional goals.  My Amazon best-selling book will guide you throughout the personal branding process - to help you cliimb the ladder to success.
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How I became The Accidental Career Coach
I'm Diane Huth, known as the Accidental Career Coach.  I'm really a marketing and branding expert, with more than 30 years of experience working in top marketing roles in household-name companies like these,  I'm also an innovation consultant, a university professor of marketing, a public speaker and an Amazon best- selling author of 2 best selling career guides..

And I'm unemployable by Corporate America because of my age.  Today, I coudn't even get an interview for the same job I rocked 20 years ago!

So I've had to reinvent myself to find stimulating and satisfying work which will sustain me for years to come. And I hope to help you in the same journey of personal and professional reinvention.

It's not easy, but it is meaningful and rewarding. 

 I've brought together all the skills and insights that I've learned through these great experiences to help you navigate this changing workplace to help you  reach your true potential in the job market today.

Three years ago, I started teaching marketing and branding at two different universities.  I was stunned to learn that my bright talented students, who had just invested 4 years and more than $100,000 in school tuition, didn't have a clue on how to get a job when they graduated in a few months.  So I wrote my first book, BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job, to teach them how to use the marketing skills I teach in class to market their most important product – themselves!
Let Me Help You Meet Your Goals
1-on-1 Coaching To Help You ACHieve Your Goals
Work directly with me and my talented team to achieve Satisfying career success
It takes an average of 1 month per every $10,000 of desired salary to find that dream job. That's why the typical job search takes 43 weeks to land a new job offer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Can you wait that long to find YOUR new job?

 By gaining professional guidance and career coaching, you can substantially reduce the time it will take to move forward on your career path - perhaps reducing the time in half, or even more.  

I would be honored to guide and mentor you through your career transformation, standing at your side to provide insight, clarify your goals, discuss search strategies, hone your powerful resume, create and optimize your LinkedIn profile, practice your interview, and even negotiate your job offer.
And my team of experienced resume writers, mentors, careeer strategists, industry experts and interview coaches can provide just the help you need - whether it's simple resume writing training, one-on-one coaching, or a comprensive 90-day career transformation program with guaranteed results.
Then last year, I discovered the Baby Boomer unemployment crisis, affecting 32 million  workers in their 60s, 50s and even in their 40s today.  Illegal age discrimination is preventing this legion of mature working professionals from keeping or finding the great jobs they are highly qualified to execute.

So I have focused on this crisis, and I'm dedicated to helping mature professionals like you (and me) learn  to claim their rightful place in the workforce, by gaining the skills and insights to allow them to move from "overqualified" to "in demand."  And I have just published my newest book REINVENT YOUR CAREER - Beat Age Discrimination to Land Your Dream Job to serve as a roadmap in their journey of reinvention.

And I have a host of different books, guides, videos, courses, webinars, events, private and group coaching programs, and more, to help you successfully navigate this challenging exployment landscape to find the job that  will stimulate, challenge and reward you for years or decades into the future.

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FOR Job Seekers of All Ages

I have assembled a wealth of successful job search skills to help professionals of all ages navigate today's complex and competitive job search system. In addition to my Amazon best selling step-by-step career guide, I have brought out a number of other shorter, single-topic career development books and ebooks, focusing on social media, resume writing, mastering LinkedIn, and similar job search skills.  To help  you navigate this site, you will find all the basic job search skills presented in blue.

FOR Baby Boomers and Mature Professionals

For books and content specifically targeted to baby boomers, and which address the challenges of age discrimination and the need to reinvent your career, you will find content in sections which are dominated by the color red - from the color of the REINVENT  book.  Throughout this site, you will also find a wealth of information for the mature professionals in their 50s , 60s, and 70s addressing their unique needs and challenges
Job hunting resource guide
Here's a special gift for you - my golden Rolodex of valuable resources to help you in your job search.  Job seekers of any age will find this a must-have resource to refer to again and again to make sure you stay on track and optimize your time and effort.
baby boomer career resource guide
I've compiled a huge listing of priceless resources to help you navigate every steop of the Career Reinvention process.  Download this valuable content to help you throughout your journey to personal and professional success
tap into my expertise for your business
Book Me On Your TV or Radio Show
I look forward to appearing on your upcoming TV or radio program, podcast, or webinar, writing on your blog, or contributing to your newspaper or magazine article.  I've appeared on dozens of radio interviews and podcasts, and have an extensive library of YouTube videos.  Visit my media page for media examples, pitch sheets, market statistics, B-roll, and more.  Let's do a great interview together!
Hire Me to speak at your event
I am excited to speak to your group of any size, whether for a keynote address, hands-on workshop, seminar presentation or training webinar.  I've spoken to dozens of groups around the world,in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  Click to learn more about the many topics relating to career development, marketing, business, sales, networking, and much more which I can bring to your event attendees..
Mature workers have unique challenges - Let me help
Corporate America has been kicking out its baby boomer employees like yesterday's newspaper.  Experienced, talented and capable  workers in their 60s, 50s, and even in their 40s are finding it difficult or impossible to find the great jobs they had in the past, and deserve to have in the future, for one reason alone - age discrimination.

If you're struggling to find a satisfying and rewarding job, it's not your fault.  The job search market has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and no one taught you the new rules.  Today, you need to learn the insiders' secrets to stand a chance of finding your dream job. And you need to learn how to showcase your personal brand so recruiters chase you for your wisdom, experience, expertise, and industry legacy knowledge.

And while you may need meaningful work to pay the bills, get good medical insurance, and stay engaged and relevant, you may not want to compete with someone half your age for the same job you mastered decades ago.  Your role may change to that of a mentor, team leader, trainer, coach, or consultant.

So perhaps it's time to explore a whole range of options, including updating your skills and presentation to fit into a younger workplace.  And you may opt for part time, flex time or seasonal work, independent contractor or freelance gigs, or even start your own consulting company, small service business, online store, or agency.

You're on a journey of reinvention to pivot in your career, to respond to the many shifts in the market which are threatening you and the other 32 million  baby boomers grappling with the challenges of what to do for meaningful profitable employment and engagement for the next 10, 20, 30 or more years.  

I'm here to help you navigate this challenging and scary new employment market.  My mission is to help you find, keep or create profitable and satisfying employment as long as you want to work.  It's time to unlock your untapped income potential, and cash in on your decades of experience in the new economy.  My step-by-step guide will make it easier, quicker and  less risky.  So start today to reinvent your career - and your life!
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